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Ru server in the League of Legends game

League of Legends stopped being a game a long time ago and it became a true legend! But, to be a part of something legendary, you must be a legend yourself! Many LoL players keep trying to become legends, but only a few succeed. Why is that? Once you become “infected” with the game virus, you will want to constantly improve your characteristics and constantly become better at what you do! Only true players know that this is not easy! Think of us as magicians, we can help you change all this with the click of your mouse!  Who are we? We are gamestore.live! We can help you boost up your account in the matter of seconds and gain all the access that you have always wanted! You can get all the champs that you need and even the skins that are no longer available due to the game’s quick development!

Why consider us when purchasing a LoL account?

We don’t sell air! We are actually offering you a quality service at more than a reasonable price! At our servers at gamestore.live, you can purchase an account which is hand-leveled. We do care about our appearances and we would never sell botted accounts. Subsequently, this guarantees you safety since your account cannot be banned because it is botted. Moreover, even if you come across an issue, which almost never happens at the servers at gamestore.live, our customer support team is there for you 24/7 to help you and resolve your issue as soon as possible. You can see the feedbacks of our services on our account, or just by simply googling us. All the access to the account is immediately transferred to the buyer, which means that only you will have your password and username information!

LoL account

What is RU server?

RU server actually enables you to play with the people from your proximity, since all the clans are divided location-wise, therefore you will be able to play with the people who really get you and who are interested in the same things that you are! No confusion, no need to pretend, just be yourself and play on!

What does your account involve?

Some of the features that you may encounter in your account are:

-Up to 50 champions

-Up to 20 skins

-Up to 5 Runes pages

-Instant acces

-24/7 customer support

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