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The reasons really,we love Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most famous film director of Hollywood. He has established his own style of narrative over the years through his films. Let us look at the facts why we just love him. Visit this link to watch movies online for free.

Because the music of his film is always super stylish

To have at least three BOs of Tarantino movies at home I can confirm that the music that the director uses are always original, right and just good style.

The director makes it a point of honor to choose himself the music that appears in his films, so much so that he says he cannot write a scene without having a music to illustrate it.

Whether it’s old-fashioned hits like Stuck in the middle with you from the Stealers Wheel (ReservoirDogs), original music by famous Enio Morricone or totally unknown songs such as The Woo Hoo from The ‘ s (Kill Bill vol.1); the genius Tarantino always knows how to put his scenes in value with his musics and vice-versa. As eclectic as they are delirious, the songs he chooses always arrive at the right moment and sublimate already almost perfect films.

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Because the actors in his films are always super stylish

Uma Thurman, John Travolta (before his “I do not care to be like nothing” phase), Christoph Waltz, Tim Roth, Robert de Niro, or even Bruce Willis and Leonardo Di Caprio; it can be said without hesitation that Quentin Tarantino has always known how to surround himself with the best actors. He also tends to stage the same actors on several occasions. Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Madsen play in four of his films, and actress Uma Thurman is no stranger either because she played in Pulp Fiction and both parts of Kill Bill. And we say that if such talented actors agree to play again and again in his productions, it is because Quentin must know how to do it.

Because of Samuel L. Jackson

Speaking of ultra-stylish actors, we cannot but focus on the great Samuel L. Jackson and make him a special place in this top. Already because we cannot think of Tarantino without thinking of Jackson. This actor has been featured in four of Tarantino’s nine feature films (Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, and The Dirty Eight), not to mention the story of Inglorious Basterds. Jackson is almost a backdrop for the director’s ultra-gore films, to our delight.

In addition, the actor is at the origin of the most memorable scenes of Tarantino’s films. Often over juggling, always hilarious, Jackson always captivates attention when he is present in a scene. We remember his biblical tirade of Pulp Fiction, his self-racist role of Django Unchained and of course his performance in The Hateful Eight, his best in my opinion.