Digital marketing

The basic methods of internet marketing

By creating a website one could post their products with the specifications to be viewed by the visitor. They could advertise on other websites at considerable cost and increase visitors to their page. By sending emails to their customers about their products and any promotions related to it they could keep in touch with their customers for more business. The customers in turn could forward the emails to their friends who are likely to buy the products. These are the basic steps in online marketing. But this will only give limited customers. Marketing involves advertisement. Without advertisement it is highly impossible to get more customers. In addition to the traditional techniques like advertisements on tv, radio etc we need to apply the same idea in internet too. To attract more and more customers some strategies need to be implemented.

  1. More visitors to your webpage mean more publicity.
  2. More visitors means at least some of them could turn into regular customers
  3. If the customers are impressed they might refer their friends to visit the page.

Other than your own webpage, where to advertise about your product and how to do it. SEM companies do the work for you. They find a good publisher for you. They find visitors who might like your page. They increase the visitors to your page by increasing the visibility of your page.

When someone searches a keyword related to your product on a search engine, the chances of your page coming in the first page is increased by SEM and SEO. They both are not same but work together to improve internet marketing.

The other methods include by advertising on another WebPages by paying them cost per click. This means when there is a click on the ad the advertiser should pay the publisher an agreed amount.

There are other features like cost per Millie, cost per impression etc. These costs are related to the advertisement costs through any other media like the TV, radio etc

Social media marketing

Other specialised area of internet marketing is social media marketing. Social media marketing involves advertising in facebook, twitter etc.

It is also known as viral marketing. Viral marketing means spreading the news by word of mouth or through email. It uses social media to get more positive results on word of mouth usage. For example we often get messages from friends to like a page which we might not know. They recommend to us saying it is good. Then we view the page and if we like we invite our friends. That’s how a product is marketed by word of mouth.

Social media optimisation

Social media optimisation is used to increase the awareness among the users about a product or an event. This leads to more publicity of the product. It is also same like SEO to increase the traffic to your page on the internet. Thus using various strategies internet marketing can be done successfully in a wider area in addition to the traditional techniques.