Artificial Grass Installation

Guide on installing the artificial grass or turf for your pets

For the installation process of the artificial grass for your dog or cat, the house owners don’t need to hire any professional. You can just install it by yourself with the help of the DIY turf installation tools and guide online.

Steps to install artificial turf:

  • Remove grass – Before installing the artificial grass, first of all you should need to remove the unwanted grass in your lawn. Similarly, you have to correct all other things such as brown spots, water bills, mud, mowing and more. There are several numbers of recommendations from the expert artificial grass liquidators for removing at least 4 inches of our existing base or lawn. On your site, having a dump trailer is absolutely a great choice at all. First, you have to take the proper measurement and dispose the existing base in a correct manner.Artificial Grass Installation
  • Add base – You have to evenly spread 4 inches of class 2 road base that will make it very simpler to make the levelling platform with a proper drainage. After that you should slightly wet the area in order to achieve the desired smooth surface.
  • Lay turf – Once you created the smooth base, you have to lay down the artificial turf now. You can roll it out and carefully lay it on the surface. Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour in the sun before installation.

Further installation steps:

  • Cut to fit – Now your artificial grass is in your preferable area and now you can make the appropriate cuts using the carpet cutters or razor knives. By this way, you will get the best finishing touch at all.
  • Secure perimeter – In this step, you have to secure your artificial grass to the ground and start by tucking from ¼ inch to ½ inch edge you left into its border with the metal putty hammer and knife.

Other steps include spreading infill, brush-in infill and now allow your dog to play on this artificial grass. All these steps can be done by the house owners with the help of special tools and tips from experts.