Ganesh Ramalingam – Doctor cum charity founder

Ganesh Ramalingam is a head surgeon at G&L surgical in Singapore. He as a doctor is a specialist in endoscopy. His love towards his profession made him the best rated doctor. He is more patience towards his patients. He delivers his care for them with love. He works for the happiness that he can get from his patient after recovering. Thus he is one among those huge hearted doctor without cold attitude. He deals with every patient in a cool manner. He has grown towards the path by seeing many needy people. After seeing those people, he wanted to help them being a doctor. He didn’t stop at that point by words. He implemented it along with his wife and colleagues. It is not easy to contribute your money to others in need. It needs a whole heart to give your effort and money without any return.

He says to share good fortune for better life. This charity work can give you good fortune and experience those in need. As a doctor and charity holder, he has great responsibility towards society. His team works with the unique position in giving back their patients what they need. Patients are their great responsibility. They volunteer themselves in working with community contributions. The true giving nature fills our heart with joy and refreshes soul with the warmth that is received after helping those unfortunate people. This is the whole hearted dr Ganesh Ramalingam belief. He does not want to neglect anyone those who are in need.