Best Smart Hub appliances to choose

Smart hub are network devices that serve as a place of convergence where data arrives from one or more device and is forwarded out in one or more other directions. A smart hub usually have a small in built switch to maintain the information of where and how the data is forwarded.

Two best Smart Hub suggested by Just Click Appliances are

  • Wink
  • SmartThings . Both of these smart hub are great in their own way and offer a lot of smart features. Choosing one between them is like using between an android and iOS.

About Wink and SmartThings

Smart home products use smart home protocol to operate wirelessly. Few famous protocols are Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. Each protocol has its own unique benefits and are compatible with different products, for e.g. – Z-Wave can transmit a long range signal while using small amount of power, hence this makes Z-Wave protocol best for products like door and window sensors. More the smarter home products, harder is to have a control over them separately from different apps, and that’s where the importance of a smart hub arises. A smart hub can translate all different protocols into one to help you to connect all home products efficiently from one app. Smart hub also makes sure that all the smart home products work together with each other as a team. Both Wink and Smart Things support IFTTT service, to help you to create unique recipes at your home. Through these hubs you get a well-connected smart home at your fingertips. You can receive mails, notifications, set your schedule as well as monitor the whole house from anywhere and anytime you want.

Few differences between Wink and SmartThings:

  1. Integration: both the hubs offer a great range of compatibility with various smart home products. Any certified device like Zig Bee or Z-Wave will be compatible with either of the two smart hub. Although, there are some products which needs a little efforts to pair up with the device. E.g. Nest thermostat, this is fully compatible with Wink Hub but doesn’t offer integration with Smart Things, though with extra efforts you can make them work together utilizing custom integration. On the other hand device like Arlo Pro works with Smart Things, but not supported by Wink.
  2. App Interface: both the hubs have their own app to unite with the smart products, however the preference definitely goes in favour of Wink app. Wink app is very intuitive, which makes it very easy to use. The Smart Things app is a bit confusing and not as appealing as Wink, also it’s not as fast as Wink.
  3. Number of device connected: you can connect 530 devices with Wink hub 2, whereas Smart Things have limitation on number of device to be paired.
  4. Cost difference: Smart Things is little cheaper than Wink hub.
  5. Security Feature: Smart Things have Smart Home Monitor feature which can easily arm or disarm the entire security system, you can use motion sensor to trigger the security alarm. Wink hub do not have this feature, but you can still set it up using IFTTT.