Year-by-year history of the New Orleans Saints

"Oh when the saints, go marching in..." That is the anthem song of none other than the New Orleans Saints. Having survived 5 decades and still going strong, the New Orleans Saints was established on 1st of November in 1966.

The New Orleans Saints is a professional football team in New Orleans Louisiana in the United States of America. They have been active in the National Football League (NFL) since 1967 up to date. The team is coached by Sean Payton.

1967 is the year New Orleans Saints played their first game in Tulane Stadium. In 1968, the saints beat the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 4-9-1 record. De Doug Atkins of the saints, retired in 1969, 17 NFL seasons later. The New Orleans Saints also lost 51-42 to St. Louis the same year.

Following the National Football Conference (NFC) regulations, the saints formed Western Division with the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, and the Atlanta Falcons in 1970. The following year,(1971) the Louisiana Superdome stadium began its construction.

1987 is a significant year to the New Orleans Saints. This year saw them win their first season by 12-3. This win made them qualify for the NFL playoffs, for the first time ever. Unfortunately, they were crashed 44-10 by the Minnesota Vikings. Fortunately, in 2000, the New Orleans Saints made a huge win against St. Louis Rams by 31-28.

2005 was a melancholic year to the saints. The Hurricane Katrina caused a huge destruction at the Superdome stadium. It was in turn used as a rescue center for the floods victims. This saw most of their home games rescheduled to other stadiums.

Superdome survived the floods aftermath and was renovated at a huge cost. In 2006, the gods favored the saints against the Atlanta Falcons and managed to crash them 23-3. The saints made history again. In 2009, the New Orleans Saints qualified for the Super Bowl XLIV by smashing Indianapolis Colts 31-17.

2010 saw Drew Brees named The Sporting New Offensive Player of the year. Arizona lost to the Saints during the NFC divisional playoffs by 45-14 at the Superdome stadium.

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